Training Rides

Saturday January 10th
Time: 9 am
Meet: SaveMart, Tracy
Miles: 6o
Route: Patterson Pass with 2 loops of Wente RR course.
Leader: Jenell

Saturday January 17th
Time: 9 am
Meet: Valley Springs
Miles: 55 (38)
Route: 55: Pardee, Stony, Jackson with Butte Mtn and Clinton Rd. 38: Pardee, Stony, Jackson out and back.
Leader: Fritz

Monday January 19th
Time: 10 am
Meet: Davis
Miles: 50
Route: Cantelow Hill, flat route with one hill
Leader: Eva

Saturday January 24th
Time: 9 am
Miles: 50-60
Leader: Jim (or Other?)

Tuesday Night Delta Velo Ride(5:30 pm Mar-Oct)
The ride starts at 5:30 pm from Bear Creek High School near Thornton Rd. and Eight Mile Rd., just east of 1-5(Google Map). Tuesday night rides start in March, at the start of daylight savings time, and end in the Fall, at the end of daylight savings time.

This is a fast workout of about 35 miles with some recovery sections.  Pace is good for race preparation.  This is a drop ride but there shortcut/cutoff which is a right hand turn at Thornton/Peltier Rd. to regroup with the front group at Ray Rd./Peltier Rd. This is also a regroup opportunity.

This is a popular ride, so turnouts of 20+ riders are common.  Pace-line discipline and group-riding etiquette is required for safety of all riders. Everyone is welcome, but if you lack experience in tight packs, please make it known before the start so we can brief you on a few things and possibly assign you a rider to shadow.

Wednesday Night Stockton Bike Club Ride
The ride starts at 6:00 pm from Bear Creek High School near Thornton Rd. and Eight Mile Rd. in the North parking lot. This is a speedy workout with 2 regroup points.
Miles: 26.5 Flat Ride
Time: 1:20min +/-
Regroup: Point 6,9 & Hwy 12