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MLK Day out of Stockton

17 Jan 2011 In: General

On MLK Day Jan. 17, Ride out of Morada Shopping Center at 9am. Will be a base ride of 100 miles towards and around Commanche.

Delta Velo Training Camp

9 Jan 2011 In: General

Jan. 28-30 with clip in at 10 am

Yosemite Bug
6979 HWY 140
Midpine, CA 95345

Rooms for Friday and Sat. night range from $65-$95
Meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are $30 a person a day
Delta Velo members will be subsidized (amount to be determined). There is huge turnout and there will be a remaining balance that each rider will have to put out. It will be as minimal as possible. If you are not a Delta Velo member, then Delta Velo is not going to give you money towards room and food.

Friday ride @ 10am
5 route options. 21.8-79.6 miles
Day 1 Map

Saturday ride @ 10am
3 route options. 31-85.6 miles
Day 2 Map

Sunday ride @ 10am
4 route options. 27.4-49.2 miles
Day 3 Map

Emergency Phone List

Daily Agenda:
Morning: Meal, Training topic (15-20 minute discussion), Route Briefing, Ride.
Post-Ride: “Team Building” Snack, Ride Analysis.
Evening: “Team Building” Meal, Training Topic, Review of Day, 2011 Race Calendar Review (team focused races).

Please send RSVP to Carleen Tallerico at

The Rules

4 Jan 2011 In: General

A great list of rules for cyclists. Some are flexible and some are mandatory but all are fun to read.

Happy New Year

1 Jan 2011 In: General

Happy new year. Now, go ride.

Michael David Winery Cycling

29 Dec 2010 In: General

Michael David Winery takes the front seat as Delta Velo’s title sponsor in 2011. Williams Cycling, our 2010 title sponsor, will continue to support Delta Velo as they have ever since they’ve opened their doors. As a local company and great friend, we expect to work with Keith Williams and Williams Cycling for many years to come.