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Membership Agreement and Eligibility:
Membership is open to all athletes meeting the criteria below. 
A) Applicants must acquire a valid UCI, USCF, USA Triathlon and/or NORBA racing license for the current racing season.
B) Athletes will be allowed to join Delta Velo mid season only as space permits.
C) Athletes must live in the San Joaquin Valley region. Applicants outside of this region must be reviewed and approved by the board.

1. Membership REQUIREMENTS:
A) All Delta Velo members must work the 2 annual events organized by Delta Velo in order to receive Delta Velo membership benefits.  NO EXCEPTIONS. These events include the Lodi Cyclefest and the Giro Di’ Vino in Lodi.  Members volunteering for a directing level position may opt to work only one event.   Members with all other positions must work both events from start to finish.  Members volunteering for directing level positions may be monetarily compensated with team clothing/equipment and/or cash/check. Members failing to fulfill these obligations will either be denied race reimbursements and/or billed a $40 membership renewal fee for the upcoming season.
B) Delta Velo athletes who race will be required to submit any top 10 results and photos to the webmaster.
C) Use and recommend to my family, friends, and the media the products and services of my sponsors. As stated in our agreement with our sponsors, "Delta Velo athletes are also highly aware of their promotional obligations to their sponsors, whose financial and moral support has facilitated the team members’ successes.  Delta Velo athletes frequent their sponsors’ establishments, use their products and services, and recommend them to their friends and colleagues.  Delta Velo athletes are devoted to promoting the best possible image for their team and its sponsors."
D) Obey all traffic regulations as enforced by the California Highway Patrol, City Police, and all relevant Local Authorities while on individual or group training rides or as instructed during sanctioned races.
Delta Velo athletes must be conscious of their role as ambassadors to the non-cycling and recreational Cycling communities.  Failure to abide by traffic laws, if observed by the public, can be extremely
detrimental to the team’s sponsors and other cyclists and may result in the revocation of all sponsorship benefits for the entire team.
E) Any frames, wheels, and other equipment paid for by Delta Velo and furnished or loaned to athletes as a part of their sponsorship agreement remains the property of Delta Velo and its sponsors.  Equipment must be maintained in excellent condition and must be returned on demand if an athlete should fail to uphold the standards of the Delta Velo race team as outlined above.  If damages should occur to any loaned equipment as a result of a crash, negligence, or theft it is the responsibility of the athlete to replace or repair the equipment to the satisfaction of the Delta Velo team officers.
F) Any athlete who quits Delta Velo during the racing season for whatever reason must give written notice within 10 days of such act.  He/she must return any and all equipment provided for him/her by Delta Velo in good condition or pay reimbursement to the satisfaction of the Delta Velo team officers.  This athlete will also forfeit any and all privileges given to him/her for the remainder of the racing year, including any end of year race reimbursement (this is to include the time he/she was riding for Delta Velo.

2.Membership EXPECTATIONS:
A) Practice good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a professional manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where I am representing Delta Velo.   Use of foul language, unsafe riding, racing selfishly such as chasing down team members and other obvious forms of poor sportsmanship my result in suspension or expulsion. 
B) Be prepared to the best of my ability to race competitively. Delta Velo members are expected to complete at least six races during the current year (exceptions will be made for injury or hardship).  It is assumed that the athlete’s level of commitment is serious and training preparation adequate for a full season of racing.  Which is considered to extend from March through September (although early-season races begin in January).
C) Delta Velo athletes who race will be required to write race reports and results to the Delta Velo email list, and immediately following the event.
D) Wear my sponsors’ and team’s clothing proudly, properly maintaining my equipment, clothing, and personal hygiene. Athletes are expected to wear the current, complete team uniform (including jersey and shorts) whenever possible in training, and without exception in all races.  As valuable advertising "vehicles" for their sponsors, Delta Velo athletes are expected to appear with clean bicycles and clothing at races they attend throughout the year.  Torn or dirty jerseys and shorts, and unclean and improperly maintained bicycles are unacceptable.  Athletes who are to be interviewed and/or photographed by the media are requested to look as clean and presentable as possible, and mention their sponsors’ support during all interviews.
E) Attend regularly scheduled Delta Velo meetings, staying involved with what is going on with the team. This promotes communication and helps promote team unity.
F) Each Delta Velo member must serve in a team support capacity for teammates racing in other categories.  This may include feeding duties, surveying the neutral pit zone to ensure team wheels are secure and visible and not forgotten, video taping the event, and other general support responsibilities. 

3. Funds Disbursement:
Delta Velo is a small amateur bicycle racing team.  In the event that we receive cash sponsorship, this money will first be used to pay operating costs of the team including: permit fees, USA Cycling fees, NCNCA fees, uniform productions, event and team promotions, and team newsletter.  In the event we do have a budget surplus, riders may request individual funds for specific championship events (nationals).  The time frame for such requests will be before the race season starts (this allows everyone equal opportunity to the funds at one time).  The criteria for being given these funds include how long an athlete has been with the team, how the athlete has helped with the team organization, and racing ability.  No funds will be made available during the season.  If an athlete fails to meet these criteria, the athlete still may have the opportunity at the end of the year to be reimbursed for that race through the normal distribution of funds

4.Race Team Membership, Benefits and Terms (excludes club team):
Terms must discussed individually with Delta Velo Race Director and reimbursement form must be filled out and completed in order to receive race fee reimbursement.  Form will be provided by current Delta Velo Race Director.  Form must be submitted to current Delta Velo Race Director. IMPORTANT: Members must compete and train in Delta Velo team clothing at applicable events in order to be eligible for the Race Team Member benefits and terms. If Race Team Membership terms are breached or requirements in section 1 are not met, member will be responsible to reimburse Delta Velo for money received in the current race year. To apply, send race resume to Damian Gonzalez, xpmultimedia at comcast dot net

5. Club Team Membership Dues and Clothing Cost:
A) All new and renewing Club Team Members are required to fill out, sign this agreement. A one time membership fee of $40.00 will be due and billed to new members. A $40.00 membership fee will also be applicable to renewing members failing to comply with section 1.A in this agreement. The $40.00 membership fee is non-refundable.
Renewing and new Club Team Members must pay membership fee and/or submit this agreement by December 31st to acquire Club Team Membership status for the upcoming year.
B) All Club Team Members are required to order and pay for uniform/s and team clothing in full by deadline specified by Delta Velo uniform coordinator. No uniform will be produced if order and payment deadline is not met.
C) All Club Team Members who do not complete a minimum of 20 races will pay for their own team clothing and are exempt from team benefits described in section 4. In the case that team clothing was reimbursed or issued by Delta Velo, non racing member must reimburse the cost of the clothing to Delta Velo by the end of the calendar year.

Membership Suspension or Expulsion:
All athletes not complying with these REQUIREMENTS and EXPECTATIONS will be subject to suspension or expulsion from Delta Velo.  In the event of  suspension or expulsion, athletes must return all loaned equipment to a Delta Velo officer, forfeit all Delta Velo benefits and reimbursements and risk possible suspension from cycling and/or triathlon sanctioning bodies. Any Delta Velo athlete found to be in a violation of any terms of the rider agreement will have their names brought before the membership at the next available Delta Velo meeting.  A two-thirds vote by the members present will be needed to find the athlete guilty of the alleged infraction.  The Delta Velo officers will then recommend the proper course of action;  (this must be agreed by a majority vote of the present members).  Expulsion or suspension notices may be given verbally or in writing.  The appropriate sanctioning body must also be given written notice of any expulsion.  No athlete may be reinstated after an expulsion, except by a three-fourths vote by the entire Delta Velo membership.

By reading this document and filling out the portion above, applicant parent/ legal guardian of applicant agrees and recognizes the terms and conditions in this document.