By Damian Gonzalez

This event sells out in minutes. Hundreds of solo riders and relay teams. A 10+ mile course. An exceptionally top tier event management company, BikeMonkey. Boggs 8hr was really cool this year! Tougher rougher course than last year w shorter but steeper climbs. Didn’t know they changed the course but an xc full suspension bike was the ideal bike to have. I unfortunately brought a hardtail. I stopped after 60 miles when cramped legs were getting too bad to manage. There were some pros doing the same. The pace the relay riders set at the start was too difficult to maintain for 8 hrs. But it was fun going fast until hour 4 wishing for a full suspension bike. 60 miles was enough at that point. On my final lap I made a few stops to talk to spectators and take a few pics on the backside of the course. All in all lots of fun and I expect a course like this next year! Keep it hard @bikemonkey